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Through hard work and sound management, the Johansen’s take great pride in their stewardship of the public and private lands.

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As we strive to be stewards of the land and our cattle, we want to share with you our efforts to progress operations and improve genetics!

Welcome to Johansen Hereford Ranch.

Located in the scenic Castle Valley in Central Utah, our ranch is operated on private and public land.  The land that our purebred herd grazes on today is the same land that the commercial herd grazed on sixty five years ago.  Our purebred herd is not pampered.  They must go out and work!

In 1979, we began transitioning the commercial herd to purebred Herefords.  Now in 2024, we are celebrating 45 years of performance breeding!  In the three decades since, we have not only completely converted from a commercial herd to a purebred herd of 120 head of mother cows, but also worked hard to improve our herd for our customers.  Our improvements are based on the basic principle of producing sound, hardy, good-doing cattle that will work well in the harshest environment.  This, in turn, will provide confidence to our customers that our cattle will work in any environment.