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For the commercial operation, the advantages of crossbreeding have been proven and tested over time.  The results have been document to show that if properly planned and implemented, the impacts can substantially increase the net return.  The research shows that F1 cows can result in a 6% higher calving rate, 4% higher calf survival rate, 8% increase in efficiency, 38% increase in longevity, and 25% increase in lifetime productivity.  It is important to understand that optimal use of a crossbreeding program requires thoughtful selection of complimentary breeds.  With our tight breeding program, our herd averages over a 20% inbreeding coefficient.  This inbreeding coefficient may depress the purebred animal for performance, but it will add an extra punch of heterosis to the commercial buyer who uses our bulls.  The calves out of Johansen Hereford bulls will produce a more predictable and a higher performing calf. In fact, the heterosis gained by the commercial breeder using our Line One bulls is comparable to that of crossbreeding between two breeds.  The bottom line is that using our bulls in your commercial program will not only improve your calf crop by gaining the positive traits from the Hereford breed but also those gained by using our Line One genetics!

The Heterosis Advantage!