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rancher.  We do not chase fads and the herd bulls we use do not show up in show circles.  Our cowherd is based on a program of consistent line breeding to maximize the potential to the commercial buyer.  That advantage is found with Heterosis!  We know what works in our arid, high-altitude environment.  Bottom line, we produce performance Line One cattle for the working cattle rancher.


The Johansen’s settled in the Castle Valley in the 1880’s.
The family ran sheep until 1948.  At this time, the family began phasing the sheep out with commercial Hereford cattle.  Even back then, it was proven that the Hereford genetics were adaptable to our harsh and arid climate.  Craig’s father, Eugene took great pride in his commercial herd.  He would often say that his herd was as good as any registered herd out there.  This drive to improve and breed the best led Craig to begin a pure bred breeding operation. In 1979, Craig purchased his first pure bred Hereford cattle.  Over 

Jonathan & Brandi Johansen

the next twenty years, the family phased out the commercial herd to include only registered Herefords.  At the present time, the 130 head of mother cows run on the same forest and desert permit that was used with the commercial herd. 

Merrial Johansen Family


Welcome to Johansen Herefords! We are a family operation raising registered horned Herefords since 1979.   We are celebrating 45 years of performance breeding in 2024!  Located in scenic Central Utah, we ranch in Upper Joe’s Valley, along the Cottonwood River, and on the San Rafael Desert.  
Here at Johansen Hereford Ranch, we have a Hereford breeding operation that is line-bred with Line One genetics.  The Line One genetics have proven to exhibit predictability, hardiness, mothering-abilty, and muscle expression.  We are proud that our program can bring these advantages to the commercial working 

Justin Johansen Family

Land and Cattle

Our registered cow herd runs on the same public and private land that the original commercial herd ran on.  Located in the Colorado Plateau, the land is not highly productive as the soil is mostly blue clay shale.  On the public range, the cattle run at an elevation of 5,500 feet in the winter and up to 10,000 feet in the summer.  The winter BLM range is located on the San Rafael Desert, and the summer range is forest permit and private land located on the Manti Lasalle Mountain Range.  With less than 10 inches of rain per year, the climate is arid, and the winters can be cold.  


The Johansen’s own and operate the ranch.  Calving, feeding, herding, fencing, tending water, and farming are a few of the chores still attended by one of the family.  The ranch is home to Craig and Jonnie Johansen along with their three sons and their wives.  Jonathan (Brandi) takes care of the day to day cow operations and breeding decisions.  Justin (Jesse) and Merrial (Shannon) are responsible for farming and tending water.  Through hard work and sound management, the Johansen’s take great pride in their stewardship of the public and private lands.  

The third generation of the Johansen clan is already well established.  Craig and Jonnie have twenty six grandchildren with six of them living near the ranch.

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